Brooklyn 99 ending

After eight seasons, the series comes to an end on Sept. 16


Courtesy of NBC

A scene from the seventh season of “Brooklyn 99.” The show will end after this current season after being on the air since 2013.

Emma Bartlett, Arts & Culture Editor

All television fans experience the unfortunate moment where they hear their favorite series is coming to an end. No matter how much we hate saying goodbye to the characters who have become an active part of our lives, we learn to appreciate the countless moments of laughter and tears they have caused.
The latest show that is leaving live television and breaking many hearts in the process? “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.”
For those who have not spent hours upon hours of watching the show, “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” follows the 99th police precinct in Brooklyn, New York, where an assortment of quirky detectives solve cases and bond inside and outside the office.

Mostly revolving around Jake Peralta (played by Andy Samberg), audience members learn to love all the nine-nine crew over the eight seasons. Originally a Fox series, “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” was cancelled after five seasons, but after fans’ requests, NBC bought the show and continued running it for an additional three seasons.

While there are many notable American sitcoms, “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” shines above others for its portrayal of serious issues while maintaining a sense of humor throughout the episodes. The show has also been recognized for its portrayal of people who identify as LGBTQ+, where it received a GLAAD Media Award.
Captain Holt (played by Andre Braugher) is in charge of the precinct and has faced adversity for being a Black, gay man. Overtime, he has worked his way up to Captain — but not without obstacles along the way.
After seven seasons, the show took a break at the beginning of the outbreak of COVID-19. With a year to compile a memorable final season, “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” returned to live television on Aug. 12 and will come to an end on Sept. 16.

Thus far, “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” season eight started off strong with the first episode addressing crooked cops and the racial injustice that became more apparent in May 2020 with the events occurring around the unjust situation concerning George Floyd. The show did not shy away from the touchy subject matter and handled the episode in a powerful and appropriate manner.
Yet for every serious moment, there is always a moment of laughter. Over the final season, fans will see Doug Judy (played by Craig Robinson) make an appearance; he and Peralta go on one last adventure. And of course, fans will encounter the Boyle cousins and the “mother dough” one last time.
“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” may be ending, but thanks to Hulu and Peacock, all seasons can be streamed online. If you haven’t finished the series or need a new show to watch, this is the perfect sitcom.