Magic of Lyn visits RWU

Illusionist Lyn Dillies wows the crowd


Amy Martin/The Hawks' Herald

Illusionist Lyn Dillies performs a magic trick on her assistant TJ. After spinning the box around a few times, she revealed that his torso has somehow twisted.

Over the weekend, magic and illusions made a special appearance at Roger Williams University. On Sunday, Sept. 12, Student Senate and Student Programs, Leadership, & Orientation (SPLO) hosted a magic show and dinner for students in the Field House, serving favorites from Buffalo Chicken Dip to finger desserts. Students were also able to enter tickets into different raffles to win exciting prizes at the end of the night.

Illusionist Lyn Dillies performed a number of tricks throughout the evening with the help of her assistant TJ. From simple card tricks to mind-blowing escape acts, Dillies blew the audience’s mind.

“It was such an extraordinary show,” said sophomore Lauren Moulaison.

Dillies is one of the few female escape artists, and she is the first illusionist ever to make two live Asian elephants appear in succession. There were no elephants at this particular magic show, but that did not make the show any less impressive.

Dillies brought a few students on stage throughout the show. She was able to make one student levitate, picked the correct card that another student was thinking of, and even predicted the thoughts of a random student before the show even started.

The show was not only filled with magic but with humor as well. Dillies and her assistant would bicker, and the song choices poked fun at what was happening on stage. Dillies would also joke around with the audience and encourage engagement.

The night ended with a grand switcheroo between Dillies and her assistant, who swapped spots in a locked box in a blink of an eye. Dillies also changed from her black outfit into an American-themed one in that short time.

The winners of the raffles were then announced after Dillies gave her thanks. The prizes included a coffee maker, a pair of AirPod Pros and 50 Hawk Dollars.

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