RWU officially welcomes first-year students to campus


Emily Dvareckas/The Hawks' Herald

The Weeks of Welcome events began on Thursday, Aug. 26. The event was hosted by IRHA and The Hawks’ Herald and had two food trucks first-year students could choose from.

On Aug. 26 and 27, the student leaders of Roger Williams University helped welcome the incoming class of first-year students to campus as part of their Weeks of Welcome (WOW). Students from different RWU organizations including Health and Wellness Educators (HAWEs), peer mentors and other members of Student Programs, Leadership & Orientation (SPLO) all contributed to making sure first-year students were moved in as soon as possible while following COVID-19 protocols.

Sal Cicale, a first-year from Bridgewater, New Jersey feels the move-in went well.

“Considering what had to take place [COVID guidelines] it was pretty efficient,” Cicale said.

Due to last year’s “first-year move-in” being canceled due to COVID-19, this year’s was the first to take place since the pandemic, and as such was very different from years prior.

Before moving in, first-years were required to take a rapid COVID test and wait for the results to come in. After that, students had to complete any requirements that had not been completed over the summer, such as updating their emergency contact information or submitting proof of receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.

If everything had been submitted, first-years would then have to wait in line to receive their student ID and room information. This part of the process did not go as smoothly for some.

“There was a holdup for the IDs so I had to get mine on Saturday,” Cicale said. “Obviously it would have been more efficient had it not been for COVID, but overall I would say it was like 7/10.”

Darcy Schietinger, from Trumbull, Connecticut, also a first-year, echoed Cicale’s sentiments.

“I thought it went really well. I didn’t have any problems and the whole moving in part was actually pretty easy,” Schietinger said.

Schietinger praised the staff that helped the first-years move in. Schietinger said, “I thought it was nice that they were so ready to help everyone ease some stress off the whole process.”

The first-year students were not alone in their praise of WOW’s move/check-in. Director of SPLO Carol Sacchetti thought the first-year move/check-in process went well despite changes made due to COVID-19.

“With a new location, incorporating testing and warm weather, the sense of teamwork among our student volunteers truly showed new students what it means to be a Hawk,” Sacchetti said. “Those working move/check-in appreciated students’ patience as they went through the process.”