Locations to visit before the cold weather arrives


Emily Dvareckas/The Hawks' Herald

Two ospreys in their nest located at the Claire D. McIntosh Wildlife Refuge in Bristol in April 2021. Ospreys spend the warmer months up north when they lay their eggs.

Emily Dvareckas, Photo Editor

Rhode Island has plenty of fun summer activities for people of all ages. While students come to the ocean state at the tail end of summer, there are still a few weeks of warm summer weather to enjoy. Students should take advantage of the high temperatures while they still can to get the most out of their Rhode Island experience.

Go to the beach: Rhode Island is home to seven state-managed beaches and over 400 miles of shoreline. Take some time to visit the beach and go swimming or soak up some sun before the cold weather comes to campus.

Visit Newport: Newport, R.I., is beautiful year-round but is unique in every season. Summer in Newport is a great time to visit the Cliff Walk and take in the breathtaking views of the ocean and the mansions. It is also a great time to walk around the town and visit the restaurants and shops that make up Newport.

Go to Colt State Park: Bristol is home to Colt State Park, which has 464 acres of land and beautiful views. There is no beach at the state park but the panoramic view of Narragansett Bay makes up for it. The best time to visit is at sunset when hues of orange, pink and purple fill the sky. Sunsets at Colt State Park are one of a kind and an essential part of living in Bristol. Grab some friends and have a picnic as the sun sets.

Visit the Claire D. McIntosh Wildlife Refuge: Rhode Island has many wildlife refuges that are part of the state’s Audubon Society, including the Clare D. McIntosh Wildlife Refuge located in Bristol. The refuge is located on Hope Street and is home to the refuge, as well as a nature center and aquarium. The refuge crosses through the East Bay Bike Path where visitors can walk toward the ocean. Along the route, visitors can see a wide variety of wildlife, including different animals and plants. This is a great location to visit throughout the year, but there are perks to visiting during the warmer months. At the end of the trail, visitors can see ospreys, which build nests on man-made platforms and raise their young during the summer.