Cooking websites you won’t want to miss

Courtesy of is a website aimed at students with its inexpensive and easy recipes.

Emma Bartlett, Arts and Culture Editor

Attention apartment dwellers! If you’re looking to eliminate any cooking and baking angst, we have got you covered. Check out the following websites which will accommodate any of your food needs.

For those who are…

cooking challenged

For those of us who cannot boil water without something going wrong, Student Recipes is this year’s “must-have” cooking companion. The website is perfect for new cooks and each recipe includes short and simple instructions so you do not get confused. You will find everything including pasta, fish, chicken, salads and desserts. With this handy website, you will certainly not be stuck eating ramen every night.

Food Gawker is another great website for people who like visual support when they are making something. Similar to Pinterest, users can view pictures of delicious looking food and select the recipes. Each recipe offers step-by-step images so you can become more confident in your skills and know what your food should look like while you prepare it. There is also a FAQ section that includes potential food substitutes and whether the food can be frozen.

always on the go

If you are constantly busy, preparing food should be the least of your worries. Whether you are on your way to class, meeting others for a last-minute study session, or are trying to get out the door for a sports practice, Simply Recipes is the ideal site for you. Users can find an assortment of interesting and healthy recipes under the website’s “Quick and Easy” tab. Some of the “20 minutes and ready” foods include shrimp scampi, steak and cheesy bruschetta chicken cutlets. You can also search by holiday and season, so get ready for your fall favorites!

All Recipes is another MVP when it comes to 15 and 30 minute meals. The website has a “Quick and Easy Recipes” section that gives users a variety of fish, burger, pasta and stir-fry options. You can also check out All Recipes’ “Homemade” podcast while you are on the move.

on a tight budget

Let’s face it, food is expensive – especially when you are looking for quality fruits and veggies. If you are hoping to keep expenses low, check out Budget Bytes which offers affordable and tasty recipes. The website automatically calculates the cost of each ingredient and displays the approximate meal cost. If you are not sure what to make, use the “Surprise Me” tab, which randomly selects something for you to make.

$5 Dinners is another site to check out. Created by Erin Chase, $5 Dinners has been highlighted on the Today Show, The View and Rachael Ray. Recipes include beverages, breakfast, lunch, side dishes, snacks and desserts. Users can also select meals through cooking methods (e.g., grilling, baking, one dish dinners). Dairy free, gluten free and vegetarian options are also listed.