Fall fashion trends: campus style


Emily Dvareckas/The Hawks’ Herald

The RWU bookstore is located next to Lower Commons and has lots of school swag to add to your wardrobe.

Kayla Ivan, Arts and Culture Manager

As classes begin at Roger Williams University and everyone settles into their new spaces on and off campus, the autumn season is right around the corner. Before the season of sweater weather and pumpkin spice begins, here are multiple fashion trends to inspire you for what to wear to your classes this semester!

Saturated Colors

According to PureWow.com, one of the biggest trends that will dominate the fall season this year are colors! Mixing and matching colors will be a huge trend, along with the revival of fashion from a few decades ago.

90s Vibes

One of the most trendy fashion styles right now is bringing the 90s back to life! Maxi-length cardigans, chunky boots, polo tees with overalls on top, platform shoes and so many other styles will be making waves in the fashion world this season.

Keep it loose

What better way to dress for your back-to-back classes than a loose-fitting outfit? Loose-fitting jeans in particular are going to be trending this autumn. Baggy jeans are in, skinny jeans are out (or at least that’s what TikTok trends seem to say!) Whatever your preference, try out a looser fit for both pants and baggy shirts for the optimal level of comfort.

Classic Campus Style

Sometimes fashion is as simple as comfy pants with your favorite RWU swag! Head on over to the Campus Bookstore by Lower Commons to get all the RWU apparel you could ever want. (Note: Hoodies are always a staple for the chillier New England weather on campus.)

With the fall weather coming soon, stock up on these essentials and more for a trendy start to the new school year!