Affordable gifts for graduating seniors to capture long lasting memories


Emily Dvareckas

Get some charms from the craft store and make friendship bracelets or earrings for a handmade gift to give to a friend.

Courtney Caouette, Herald Reporter

It’s that time of year again: our senior friends are graduating. Are you searching for a perfect gift that won’t break the budget? Look no further! Here are a few ideas of inspiration for a memorable parting gift:

Memory boxes 

This gift is very adaptable. You can purchase a photo box or even decorate an old shoe box to try to contain countless college memories. Next step? Fill it! Did you and your friends collect wristbands and stickers from campus events? Throw them in! Next up: fill the box with photographs of memories, handwritten notes about them and anything else your heart desires. These boxes can continue to grow, so consider mailing letters in the weeks to come. Memory boxes are very personal and fun to make. A good tear may be shed while designing them, but don’t worry, it’ll add to the aesthetic of graduation!

A playlist

Who does not love a good playlist? Whether it be on Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, Pandora, or an old fashioned CD, you cannot go wrong with giving a playlist. Fill it with songs that make you think of your friend or songs that will leave them reminiscing about an experience you shared together. Consider adding songs from their favorite artist or ones from our spring concerts throughout the years.

Bake, cook or order out

Did someone say dinner with friends? Yes, please! Everyone loves a good meal or dessert, especially one that does not require any prior preparation. What better way to send your friends off than with a plate of cookies to go or a meal prepared and eaten with friends? Another option is to order their favorite Bristol take out dish, or order them something when they get home and eat together over a Zoom call.

A photo collage or virtual slide

An oldie but goodie. Nothing says I am going to miss you like a compilation of pictures of the many college adventures. It is said that a picture says a thousand words. How many photos can you collect from your time together?

Craft an accessory or decoration

Perhaps your friend is going to graduate school and needs a new wall decoration, or maybe they love friendship bracelets. Whatever the case, consider something handmade they can bring with them in the next part of their journey, in the working world or otherwise!

Need another idea?

Generating a quick Google search will pull up thousands of ideas. Consider narrowing your search to themes and topics of interest. Happy graduation and congratulations to the Class of 2021!