Natalie Danek


Courtesy of Natalie Danek

Natalie Danek will be teaching marine science at the camp at New England Science and Sailing after graduation.

Emily Dvareckas, Photo Editor

Natalie Danek will be graduating with degrees in marine biology and applied mathematics. For the past two years, she has worked in Dr. Koty Sharp’s laboratory conducting research using the coral astrangia poculata.

From studying in Australia to being a science tutor and working with Dr. Andy Rhyne, Danek had a busy career at Roger Williams University. After graduation, Danek will be working in Stonington, Conn., as an educator at New England Science and Sailing during their summer camp.

Her days will be filled with lessons, labs and activities geared towards teaching children of varying ages about marine science and other STEM-related subjects. Aside from teaching, she will also be instructing and overseeing the water sports at the camp, which will include snorkeling, fishing, kayaking and paddleboarding, among others.