Your fashion guide for graduation day


Reynaldo Rivera/Unsplash

A simple white dress is a classic look for graduates. They can personalize the outfit with a necklace or wedge sandals.

Kayla Ivan, Arts and Culture Manager

With graduation around the corner, getting your perfect outfit ready is one of many aspects to think about when preparing to walk with your class. Here is a fashion guide for the graduating class of 2021:

1. Classic white dress

You can’t go wrong with the classics — wearing a white dress, typically a shorter cut is the signature college graduation look. Personalize the look with accessories such as gold or silver necklaces, rings or a statement piece. Pair the white dress with neutral heels such as wedge sandals or a black pump.

2. Stunning bodycon dress

Go for a tighter, more form-fitting outfit with bodycon dresses. Select colors that suit you or complement the spring season such as white, pink, peach, baby blue, etc. Your cap and gown will look perfect with this sleek look paired with strappy sandals or heels that you are most comfortable walking in onstage!

3. Chic jumpsuit

Looking for a powerful fashion statement to say goodbye to your college years with? Jumpsuits are comfortable, easy to style and very professional while still remaining chic. With this timeless graduation outfit, there are several options for colors including black, white, blue or any other shades or hues you enjoy. To stay in line with RWU colors, go for a blue selection and rep your soon-to-be alma mater in style.

4. Polished dress shirt with trousers

If dresses are not your thing (guys and girls included!), try on a button-up shirt or collared dress shirt with a professional tie to graduate in style. The RWU Bookstore sells several tie options if you want to show your school pride while being handed your degree. Selecting the perfect color for your button down or collared shirt is up to you; a white top is the most polished, although other color options include light blue, navy, black, crimson and so on. Get creative with your look; after all, this is your graduation day, so make it your own!