Top 6 list of things to do before graduation day


Emily Dvareckas

The East Bay Bike Path is a 14.5-mile stretch of paved trail that runs from Providence to Bristol. During spring, the trail offers gorgeous views of the ocean and blooming flowers.

Emma Bartlett, Arts and Culture Editor

As seniors relive memories from the last four years and spend their remaining days on campus with friends, it might be fun to create a bucket list of essential activities to do before graduating. While you begin to check off the last places you want to visit before moving on to a job or graduate school, take a trip to some of the awesome places we have listed. These spots are sure to spark your favorite memories.

Picnic at Colt State Park

It’s hard to go to Colt State Park and not see another RWU student walking along the water or sitting on a massive blanket doing homework and talking with friends. A local community treasure, Colt State Park takes care of all your outdoor needs. While you breathe in nature’s fresh, salty air, bring a group of friends and spend a day at the park. Pack a lunch, bring a soccer ball or frisbee and simply relax as you take in the views. End your day on the perfect note with a trip into Warren for Del’s Lemonade and possibly return to Colt State Park to watch an incredible sunset.

Eat Ice Cream at Eskimo King

When the weather gets warmer, ice cream season is around the corner. Eskimo King in Swansea has delicious ice cream which can be verified by the store’s long line that wraps around the parking lot. Before graduation, go out with your roomies and chill in the parking lot as you eat Eskimo King’s chocolate peanut butter, maple walnut or rocky road ice cream selections. With an assortment of soft serve and sundae specialties, your future visit is looking pretty sweet.

Visit the local farmers’ market

Every Saturday from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., the local Mt. Hope Farm farmers’ market is open for business. The market sells locally sourced produce including fish, meat, vegetables, bread and pasta sauce. There is also a variety of handmade soaps and lotions which visitors can look through. After shopping, stop and visit the goats, horses and chickens which are located by the farm’s barn.

Have a photoshoot by Mt. Hope Bridge

Mt. Hope Bridge is an iconic location for student photoshoots here at RWU. Pick a time during sunrise or sunset when the sky’s colors are various shades of pink, orange and purple and take some artsy shots (Tip: Golden Hour is the first hour after sunrise and the last hour of light before sunset). Try out different outfit combos before going, especially with colors that complement the sky’s shades. If you want to have a really fun time, gather a group of friends and spend the next half hour striking poses perfect for memories that will last a lifetime.

Go to a restaurant you’ve been meaning to try

We all have that one restaurant that we drive by and say “I have to go there” but never do. Here is your chance to finally try that spot you’ve been planning to: pick a date in your calendar and reserve a table for as many friends that want to join you. With only a few weeks left of school, take advantage of what Bristol and Rhode Island have to offer so you are not leaving any regrets behind.

Bike or walk the Bristol Bike Path

Stretching from downtown Bristol to Providence, the East Bay Bike Path is a 14.5-mile paved trail for pedestrians and bikers alike. The ride includes scenic water views and is a great way to be active and spend time with friends. With flowers and trees starting to bloom, the path offers beautiful sights with sporadic wildlife sightings throughout the path, including birds and bunnies.