An emotional goodbye to senior sports editor Megan Julian

As her four years at Roger Williams University come to a close, the Athletic Department and Hawks’ Herald members are gearing up to say goodbye to senior sports editor Megan Julian.


She put her passions for sports and journalism together through the paper and it has shown in her work over the years. She has built connections with many staff and students in the Athletic Department. While she makes it look easy, she is a hard-working person, especially when it comes to the paper.


Julian has covered features, game stories, video stories and everything in between. Recently, she worked to increase the video platform in the sports section with digital stories, including her interviews with RWU’s baseball coach and multi-sport architecture student Emily Slusarczyk.


Slusarczyk, a senior captain of the women’s swimming and diving team and runner for the track and field team, expressed that she had a great experience during her interview with Julian.


“I felt comfortable sharing my experiences with her, even when I was behind a camera where I am usually not comfortable,” Slusarczyk said. “Wishing the best of luck post graduation!”


Slusarczyk felt she was well-represented from all of her experiences as a swimmer, runner and architecture student.


Julian often worked with staff members such as Athletic Director Kiki Jacobs, Associate Director of Athletics for Recreational Services and Facilities Mike Gallagher and Men’s Head Basketball Coach Michael Tully.


She covered some incredibly tough situations, especially throughout the pandemic, but Jacobs appreciates the approach Julian has taken.


“She asked challenging questions, but also is good about presenting both sides of the story. Many times athletics has been labeled as the ‘bad guy’ in situations, especially during the stress of COVID,” Jacobs said. “We are recognizable with the apparel student-athletes wear around campus and a few bad eggs spoil it for all of us. She has done her best not to promote this stigma.”


This past year has been one unlike any other and through it all, Julian has worked to keep sports content flowing. Whether the story came easy or difficult, she has remained neutral in her writing, providing truth to the community.


Gallagher appreciates the professionalism Julian has in her reporting and respects her as a journalist.


“She asks straight forward questions and reports on the answers I give without taking the quotes out of context,” Gallagher said.


Julian has also had an impact on various coaches. Coach Tully enjoys seeing the genuine interest Julian has in the athletics program, bringing support and encouragement for school spirit provided through sports.


“Megan has been great to work with,” Tully said. “She has been very consistent and has given great coverage of our team and I know I am speaking for the entire program and athletic department when I say it is much appreciated.”

He believes her coverage to be honest and truthful, leaving the department to trust her reporting.

The Athletic Department expressed its hopefulness and good luck wishes for Julian in the future.

“Continue to ask the hard questions, no matter what profession you choose to pursue,” Jacobs said.


As an editor, Julian has been able to balance writing articles and leading her section’s staff members in developing stories, helping them as young journalists. As a writer for Julian, I have had the privilege of looking up to her as a journalist, editor and student. Being in charge of something gives leaders responsibilities they may not have been ready for.


Julian has been incredibly helpful to me in so many ways. I value her as a person and journalist, forever seeing her as a role model. She is always understanding and encouraging of me as a student-athlete and sports writer, guiding me in the right direction. She has had a huge impact on the sports section and is leaving a positive legacy behind.