Spend more time in nature with these outdoor activities


Kayla Ivan

Go for a nature walk along the shell path here at RWU to spend time in nature this season.

Kayla Ivan, Arts and Culture Manager

Nature is a beautiful place to clear your mind and relax as the end of the semester approaches. As sunshine makes its way through the windy Rhode Island coastline at RWU, here are a few outdoor activities that will get you out and about in nature:

1. Take a walk

As simple as this might sound, one great way to spend time outside is to go for a walk. Take a stroll along the shell path and sit by the rocks decorating the coast of Mount Hope Bay, or explore downtown Bristol by walking along Bristol Harbor and into the heart of town. No matter where you roam, enjoy the warmer weather and breezes that will undoubtedly refresh your mind.

2. Go for a hike

Are you an adventurous person? Whether you think so or not, another great way to spend more time in nature is to go exploring on a hiking trail. ExploreRI.org features trails at different levels of difficulty, with Mount Hope Farm right down the road from campus listed as easy to very easy in difficulty with 2.5 miles of trails. The Sakonnet Greenway Trail in Middletown is listed as moderate in difficulty with 10 miles of trails. Check out this website and play around with the trail finder to locate the destination for your perfect hike!

3. Head to the beach

Here in Rhode Island, there are many beaches to choose from, with seven state-managed beaches and several others run by towns. Some lovely beaches to choose from include Second Beach (Sachuest Beach) in Middletown and Narragansett Town Beach in Narragansett. Days of sunshine and coastal fun await at more than 40 miles of coastline for you to choose from.

4. Visit a state park

Rhode Island is home to many beautiful natural spaces, including state parks. In the Ocean State, there are fifteen state parks to choose from. Why not take a day trip to Colt State Park, which wraps around the breathtaking Narragansett Bay? You could also try out bouldering, a classic activity for all ages at Lincoln Woods State Park in Lincoln, where there are many boulders to be climbed. With so many options, your outdoor activities will be jam-packed with adventure and fresh air.