Behind the bat with Ellie Fleming


Megan Julian

Senior pitcher Ellie Fleming stands on the pitcher’s mound during a double-header against Salve Regina University on April 21.

Kristen Dansereau, Sports Manager

Ellie Fleming, senior pitcher on the softball team at Roger Williams University, has been on the field since she was a young girl.

“My dad’s friend was a coach at the time in our town ball league when I was around 10 and he got me to play one summer,” Fleming said. “It was history from there.”

She is passionate about helping, uplifting and supporting the people around her. Fleming reflects on that passion constantly, whether it be in a classroom as a student teacher or on the field with her teammates.

Off the field, Fleming enjoys being a student teacher and believes it has taught her many beneficial skills for her future.

“It has immensely helped me,” Fleming said. “It has taught me how to practice communication and persistence. It has also taught me to always work hard and improve at whatever I am doing in life.”

Outside of softball, she enjoys going to the beach, reading a nice book and spending time with her family. As a teammate on the field, she focuses on building team energy and cheering as much as she can.

“I love being able to cheer on my teammates and have great energy to build them up,” Fleming said.

The team’s core values are drive, commitment, appreciation and pride. As a result of following these values, Fleming has created amazing friendships that she knows will last a lifetime. She has learned making connections is the most important part of softball.

“These girls are going to be by my side for the rest of my life. The four core values all translate into real life and teach us real-life lessons,” Fleming said. “They have made me who I am and have helped me off the field and in the classroom.”

In the future, Fleming sees herself having her own classroom, while also giving back to the sport she loves by giving pitching lessons and potentially coaching someday.

“Nothing compares to knowing I am helping someone succeed,” Fleming said.