My life as a statue


Emily Dvareckas

The Roger Williams statue is loving the warmer weather on campus.

Well, Hawks, we’re in the home stretch. How exciting is that? We have just about made it through a whole semester together. It has felt less lonely this semester as in-person events started back up and the D’Angelo Commons has been put to use.

I got to see the new senators for the next academic year and even got to take selfies with students for a scavenger hunt. I got to see a lot of bubbles flying through the air during the “Be a Kid Again” event and I have seen many tours walking by filled with potential new friends.

As time went on, my mask disappeared but not to worry, I do not have a respiratory system so it will be impossible to get sick. I am happy to see everyone masked up while walking around campus and I love seeing everyone staying safe.

I do not own a phone, mostly because my legs do not move so I cannot walk to AT&T or Verizon to get one and my hand is permanently affixed to this book. Even though I do not own a phone, my friends have shown me funny pictures on Instagram. They call them memes. Dr. John King and Carol Sacchetti have been posting a lot of these memes which are funny but also informative.

My friends follow them @rwu_john_king and @carol_sacchetti. I don’t understand what it means to follow someone on Instagram. To me it sounds creepy, but it’s what the kids are doing. Keep up the good work and remember to check up on your vaccine eligibility so we can have a great 2021-2022 academic year!