“Unintentional Feedback:” A visual arts senior showcase


Visual arts class of 2021 and the Bristol Art Museum

Visual arts seniors’ artwork is on display at the Bristol Art Museum until April 29.

On April 17, Roger Williams University’s visual arts class of 2021 presented their works of art at the Bristol Art Museum (BAM) over Zoom for the general public. There were several people who attended in person, with students proudly walking around the gallery of their collective showcase, “Unintentional Feedback.”

During the event, several students and directors took the virtual audience around the exhibit and streamed student artwork for beaming parents and visitors to see the graduating seniors’ work. Virtual participants could speak with the artists, with several family members congratulating their students from home.

The new exhibit within BAM contains art inspired by the isolation that COVID-19 presented to us over a year ago now, with themes of loneliness and despair as a result of the pandemic.

Among the creations were 40 pieces of art ranging from video installations, acrylic paintings, sculptures, oil paintings, mixed media and several other mediums. With 21 graduating seniors from the visual arts program, the exhibit was filled with unique works bursting with intriguing designs and imaginative ideas.

The graduating artists on display within the showcase presented excellent works of art and were able to gather together to celebrate their class’ great talent.

Artists on display from the visual arts class of 2021 were as follows: Alejandro Mayorga, Alexandra Lindell, Andrew Kirschenbaum, Angelika Kremens, Ashley Marino, Carly Birch, Cody Bellucci, Corry Psutka, Cynthia Souza, Dakota L. Roberts, Isabelle Cadene, Kaitlyn Minichiello, Kelly Roper, Leia Stone, Madeline Leahy, Margaret Morgenstern, Nathan Tetreault, Olivia Estner, Sarah Herrmann, Sofia Pipa and Victoria Ann Porrino.

The showcase will be displayed at BAM until Thursday, April 29 for public viewing. The museum is located at 10 Wardwell St. in Bristol. More information can be found at bristolartmuseum.org.