Building a fairer, healthier world this World Health Day


Courtesy of US Mission Geneva on Creative Commons

The World Health Organization has made building a fairer, healthier world its focus for this year’s World Health Day.

Amy Martin, Features Editor

April 7 is not just National Beer Day. Each year, this day marks the celebration of World Health Day. Started back in 1950 by the World Health Organization (WHO), the day’s main mission is to create awareness of a specific health issue, which varies each year. 

Over the past few decades, many important health issues were prioritized as a result of this celebration, including mental health, maternal and child care and climate change. The celebration, which can extend past April 7, serves as an opportunity for those around the world to focus on different aspects of health.

This year, WHO is focusing on building a fairer, healthier world for World Health Day. 

The world is unequal and it is especially obvious given the impacts of COVID-19. Some people are able to live healthier lives with better access to health services than others due to many privileged factors, including where they were born and raised. Meanwhile, others struggle to survive with little pay, inadequate education systems, unsafe living conditions and much more. Ultimately, such negative factors lead to preventable deaths. 

WHO is calling on leaders to help their people, urging them to provide access to quality health services and ensure that the conditions their people live and work in are not dangerous for their health. 

COVID-19 has not been easy but it has hit vulnerable communities harder. WHO thinks it should be a priority to focus on helping those who are in poorer conditions due to the pandemic and who are susceptible to future health dangers as well.  

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