Fashion trends that are in for spring 2021



Pairing colorful earrings or rings with an outfit can add a dynamically interesting twist to your fashion this spring.

Kayla Ivan, Arts and Culture Manager

Although this past year has not been as action-packed as typical years in the pre-COVID world, the fashion industry has made some bold and exciting decisions for spicing up your closet while social distancing. Drawing from the voices of influencers within the fashion industry, here are some of the latest spring 2021 fashion trends.

  1. Colorful jewelry

This first trend seems to be popular across Gen Z as bigger, brighter jewelry has been sported on TikTok and Instagram. Whether that be colorful earrings, a statement necklace that adds a pop of color to a neutral outfit or chunky rings with various colors, it appears that color is currently in.

  1. Simple separates

Another trendy fashion choice is the incorporation of matching sets or simple separates that emphasize comfortable style. Try pairing a matching top and bottom with colorful accessories for an easy, put-together look this season.

  1. Maxi dresses and skirts

This 70s inspired trend is bringing natural vibes back to the fashion scene for the spring and summer of 2021. Whether you choose to style vintage maxi dresses from thrift stores or go for bold and interesting patterns (such as screen prints that bring vintage art to life), these long and flowy fashion pieces are worth checking out in stores near you.

  1. Chunky sunglasses with baggy jeans

The era of tiny sunglasses seems to have come to a close now that big, chunky sunglasses are back in style. As a go-to pairing, these sunglasses with baggy jeans are totally trendy. Gen Z TikTokers have made it clear that skinny jeans are no longer the fashion staple — in its place, baggy and loose-fitting jeans are taking the spotlight during spring this year.