CCC announces spring sports season will move forward


Courtesy of RWU Athletics

Members of the women’s track and field team prepare for the 2021 spring season.

Kristen Dansereau, Sports Manager

The Commonwealth Coast Conference (CCC) Board of Directors publicly announced their decision to allow spring sports to proceed with a full season on March 3.

The Board of Directors agreed on required COVID-19 protocols each team must follow in order to participate in conference competition. All athletes must be tested twice per week and everyone is required to wear a mask before, during and after competition.

Unfortunately for students, faculty and family members, there are no spectators permitted for any spring sports games. Many teams will livestream their competition for supporters to view online.

Maintaining the health and safety of the RWU community is the highest priority. Kiki Jacobs, Director of Athletics for Roger Williams University, said athletes will not be allowed to eat on the bus for away games and all buses will be at half capacity with a travel roster given out beforehand.

“Our biggest concern is transportation,” Jacobs said. “From what is known, COVID spread usually does not happen on the field, during practice or competition, it occurs before and after the event. During meals, transportation, sitting on the bench/in dugouts.”

The spring sports permitted to play are baseball, softball, men’s and women’s lacrosse, men’s and women’s tennis, men’s golf and men’s and women’s track & field.

Jacobs, other members of the RWU athletic staff and student athletes expressed feelings of anxiousness and excitement for the upcoming season.

The spring sports season is set to start this weekend, with competitions beginning by March 27, according to the CCC Board of Directors announcement.

“I know many students will want to come out and support our teams this spring, but we are asking you to watch the livestream instead,” Jacobs said. “This will help us keep both teams safe. The ultimate goal is to keep the campus community safe, have a successful spring season and keep playing. We don’t want to put this in jeopardy.”