Why writing is beneficial for everyone


Emily Dvareckas

Writing can benefit your life in more ways than one.

Kayla Ivan, Arts and Culture Manager

Although writing might not be of interest to everyone, being able to communicate in the most effective way possible is conducive to success. Whether you are studying biology or architecture, writing is a tool most students will use in some capacity in their future endeavors. Writing can range from technical to creative, with many genres in between. One aspect remains true: writing is beneficial for everyone.

Writing helps improve communication skills within the workplace. In many ways, an employee who can express ideas in a clear and concise manner is an important asset to reaching company goals. Employers search for individuals who are able to put their thoughts into words and tasks get done when there is clarity. According to Essay Masters, “communication is one of the most crucial aspects of the working world. It’s needed to form trusting relationships, close business deals, conduct interviews, draw in customers and retain clientele, etc. And it’s needed to accomplish things, that’s for certain.”

There are many advantages to writing outside of the professional world. Self-expression can be further explored through writing, whether that be from a creative standpoint or in one of self-discovery. Voicing your opinions and thinking through your emotions are just a few features to tap into while writing. According to HuffPost, “writing allows us a way to collect our otherwise scattered thoughts and ideas and channel them into a single beam of information. It opens up a new dimension for the mind to move into and, consequently, creates a space for unparalleled expression and imagination.” Becoming more aware of the benefits of writing can bring your interests back to the explorative side of the craft, which many find helpful throughout the writing process.

Writing allows you to improve your mental health by looking inward and bringing your emotions forward to reflect in a physical, written way. Gaining awareness of your personal reality is a great starting point if you are feeling stressed or in a bad place mentally. Writing also allows your focus to improve and eliminates stress in times that are hard to get through. Remember that diary you had as a child? Documenting the day could be a helpful tool in processing your experiences and finding the light in tough situations.

Writing is everywhere. Regardless of whether you consider yourself to be a writer or not, writing can benefit your life in more ways than you might have realized.