LGBTQ romance novels to pick up this Valentine’s Day


Emily Dvareckas / The Hawks' Herald

LGBTQ romance novels can be found at bookstores in the young adult section.

Romance novels always offer a safe haven for when we need to decompress and get away from our academics. With Valentine’s Day approaching and the celebration of all kinds of love, choose a feel-good romance novel that will melt your heart. Numerous authors have released new and exciting LGBTQ content, so check the following novels out this holiday.


“Felix Ever After”

Written by Kacen Callender, “Felix Ever After” tells the story of Felix Love who – despite his last name – has never been in love. As a young transgender teen trying to understand his identity, Felix wonders why everyone around him seems to find love so easily. While dealing with his desire for a significant other, an anonymous student begins harassing Felix on social media by posting his dead name and leaking photos of him before his transition. Felix decides to get revenge which surprisingly leads to an unexpected love triangle. “Felix Ever After” is 290 pages long.

Barnes and Noble Rating: 4.9/5


“Like a Love Story”

Reza is an Iranian immigrant who just arrived in New York City with his family. While starting his first year at an American high school is nerve-wracking enough, Reza fears his secret of being gay will slip out. With it being 1989 and the AIDS crisis at its peak, Reza keeps his dream of being openly gay to himself. Instead, he focuses on school where he befriends Art and Judy. As the three become closer, Reza dates Judy to hide his feelings for Art, who is openly gay. Will Reza be able to continue with his secret or will he finally decide to let people know who he truly is? “Like a Love Story” was written by Abdi Nazemian and is 331 pages long.

Barnes and Noble Rating: 4.4/5


“Let’s Talk About Love”

“Let’s Talk About Love” follows the story of Alice whose girlfriend recently dumped her for disclosing she was asexual. Devastated by the breakup, Alice loses hope for finding love and goes about her summer working at her local library. When a new employee is hired, Alice finds a renewed sense of romance which she explores by trying to understand identity and love. This debut novel was written by Clair Kann and is 289 pages long.

Barnes and Noble Rating: 4.6/5


“Kings, Queens and In-Betweens”

This feel-good novel introduces readers to Nima Kumara-Clark, a 17-year-old girl who is a lesbian and in love with one of her best friends who is graduating. Nima is an awkward adolescent who’s struggling to move past her mom’s decision to unexpectedly leave her. At a local festival, Nima discovers drag and is instantly mesmerized by it. Feeling called to try it herself, drag brings Nima closer to understanding love and gaining confidence. “Kings, Queens and In-Betweens” was written by Tanya Boteju and is 384 pages long.

Goodreads Rating: 3.8/5