Ways to treat yourself on Valentine’s Day


Emily Dvareckas / The Hawks' Herald

Adult coloring books are a great way to relax on Valentine’s Day.

Kayla Ivan, Arts and Culture Manager

Love is in the air — but what about self-love? When the day of hearts and chocolates rolls around each year, it may seem like you have to find someone to spend that time with. If you are spending some time with yourself this year for Valentine’s Day, especially in the midst of COVID-19, why not treat yourself? Here are some fun and positive ways to spend some time for YOU this V-day.

  1. Spend time unwinding

As a college student, it can be hard to find the time to pause and let yourself fully relax while enduring the new normal we are all experiencing blended into our daily tasks. On Feb. 14, try spending the day doing things that relax you; anything that can calm you and settle your mind is the right way to go! Perhaps that means silencing your phone and simply listening to your favorite music or maybe giving yourself a mini spa experience using all your favorite products that you seem to never find the time to use. It’s your time to unwind. Do it right in whatever ways feel best for you.


  1. Grab your favorite candy

Valentine’s Day equals Cheat Day. Go for all the sweet treats and enjoy the hand-picked goodies specially selected by you, for you. Chocolate is a staple for treating yourself. Not into the sweet stuff? Pick out your favorite salty or sour treats and indulge in the day of love.


  1. Buy yourself something nice

Have you been eyeing a new outfit or bag online that you want but don’t know if you should get? V-Day might be the moment you’ve been waiting for to treat yourself to something nice. Jewelry and flowers are not off limits here either. Get yourself something special — you deserve it.


  1. Connect with your passions

Sometimes the speed of life can distract us from our passions and finding the time to do the things we enjoy. Connect with these interests this Valentine’s Day. Maybe that means disconnecting from the virtual world to connect with the outdoors on a walk around campus or crafting with materials you like to use to create a new work of art. Whatever the passion, don’t be afraid to explore it even more this year.


  1. Binge your favorite show or a new movie

Although many of us have been spending a lot more leisure time watching movies and TV shows this past year, it can always be fun and helpful to relax by turning on a good show. Try something you might not have seen recently or discover a new series or film that may become one of your new favorites.


Be kind to yourself

Self-love and appreciation might not come very easily all the time. It can feel like vanity or feel silly for us to want to enjoy ourselves and be in our own company. Having love for who you are, however, is very important. On the day of love, please be kind to yourself. You have made it through so much, big and small, and are doing an incredible job wherever you are right now. Treat yourself with words of gratitude for the blessings in your life and/or with self-affirming words, even if they aren’t always easy to believe. You are enough. Happy Valentine’s Day!