Not just students but survivors at RWU

Instagram page highlights stories of survivors of assault on campus

Courtesy of Instagram

The new Instagram account is filled with many posts detailing the experiences of students.

Ashlee Bartels, Herald Contributor

It is no secret that colleges around the country are facing the COVID-19 pandemic, but far more hidden is the college rape epidemic. RAINN, the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network, reports that among all undergraduate and graduate students, 13% of all students experience rape or sexual assault through physical force, violence or incapacitation.

On Oct. 9, the Instagram account Survivors At RWU ( launched its first story of sexism and assault on the RWU campus. Since that initial story was posted, more than 30 anonymous stories have been released in under two months.

The testimonials range from sexism faced by students in the classroom, to sexual coercion, stalking and serial assaults, with stories pointing to a clear lack of response from university administration.

One account detailed that upon a student’s revelation to administration, she was told that her assailant was a “good student” and it was simply a “misunderstanding.” Another story detailed a student’s assault and despite continual stalking and several more assaults, alluded that the administration has failed to protect her.

Students reported that the administration has failed to act on sexual assaults and continually labels them as “misunderstandings.” When procedures are put in place, some students say they are not reinforced.

An anonymous source acknowledged that their experience went unreported as they felt it would damage their reputation, and when the said experience was reported, the student was told that their experience was not harassment since they had not been physically touched.

The creators of the Survivors At RWU account expressed hope to The Hawks’ Herald that the administration would notice these stories and hold itself accountable.

“We hope the administration and the Title IX office are hearing these stories and are able to see where they have failed at protecting, serving and supporting these survivors.”




  •  Bristol Police Department: (401) 253-6900 (24/7)
  • Day One Sexual Assault and Trauma Resource Center: (401) 421-4100


RWU Title IX Coordinator

Dr. Jen Stanley, Title IX Coordinator and Associate Dean | Contact: [email protected] or (401) 254-3123

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