What does Thanksgiving mean this year?


Emily Dvareckas

Thanksgiving can mean something entirely different this year, with people acknowledging what is truly important to them.

Amy Martin, Features Editor

The time of eating an abundance of foods is upon us. While finals season occupies most students’ heads, the thought of mashed potatoes and turkey drowned in gravy hangs in the back of their minds. The anticipation of various pies and other desserts is too exciting to not think about. But will this Thanksgiving be the same as ones in the past?

Well, no. It won’t be.

Thanksgiving this year may have to be knocked down a few notches in terms of presentation. Big families may not be able to reunite in grandma’s house this year and friends may have to push back their Friendsgivings.

The grand array of foods may not be as impressive this year with less people involved. But is the food really what matters?

Mostly, yes.

But what about the change in what this holiday means to people now? In the past, people were thankful for general things: being able to be around people they care about, having a nice home or having a steady income, to name a few. However, the intrusion of COVID-19 caused people’s mindsets to change.

“I think it means being close to family and friends and cherishing them while they are still around,” said junior Elise Antonino. “Personally, this year, I lost a family member due to COVID-19 so it is important to be around the ones you love while you can.”

Perhaps now, people will be thankful for still being healthy. They may be thankful that their families and friends are healthy. They may be thankful for still having their jobs and homes. The government lacked harshly in providing resources for its citizens, and many had to suffer as a result. Many people are still suffering, but hopefully this will turn around soon.

While people sit around their tables, with a variety of tasty food in front of them, hopefully they will reflect on the past year. What they were thankful for before may have changed entirely.