Get ready for a comfy coffeehouse performance with Jonah Baker


Courtesy of CEN and Jonah Baker

Acoustic pop artist Jonah Baker will be performing virtually for CEN’s Coffeehouse event on Nov. 19.

Kayla Ivan, Arts and Culture Manager

Although concerts have been undoubtedly different during COVID-19, that doesn’t mean the music has to stop! Join the Campus Entertainment Network (CEN) on Nov. 19 from 8 to 10 p.m. for a virtual comfy coffeehouse performance put on by Jonah Baker.

Baker is an acoustic pop artist who covers a wide variety of popular songs along with his acoustic originals. Baker is excited to join RWU from his very own living room for this virtual live performance.

“Interaction is definitely encouraged, so I don’t feel like I’m alone,” Baker said.

When asked about his experience as a performer during a socially distanced time, Baker said he has loved being able to create and perform virtually, though it has been challenging.

“Many musicians are out of work, so I’m very fortunate to be able to rely on YouTube and Spotify as both a creative outlet and a source of income,” Baker said.

Noting friends at Brave Enough and the National Association for Campus Activities (NACA) for his continued performance opportunities, Baker also acknowledged how grateful he has been to be able to perform at universities just like RWU.

“Universities like you are giving me the opportunity to perform virtually. This has been such a blessing, allowing me to perform,” Baker said.

Performing online has certainly been a learning experience for Baker. Not having a live audience can seem strange, yet knowing there are people watching and streaming in online makes him feel like it is all worth it.

“It’s great knowing there is an audience watching and I love that there is still interaction in the comment section,” Baker said.

Baker encourages a lot of student interaction from RWU during his online concert and is very open to song requests from the comment section.

“If I know how the song goes, I’ll go for it,” Baker said.

Students can follow Baker on social media @jonahtothebaker and stream his content on YouTube, Spotify and Apple Music. Find online instructions on how to stream the concert via HawkLink or join others in watching online from the GHH Atrium with free pastries, coffee and tea provided by Beehive Café in Bristol.