Student Senate resolution urges option for pass/no pass grading this semester

Resolution to go to university administration to make final decision

Rachel Dvareckas, Managing Editor

The fall semester is almost over and it has been a difficult few months for many, as students have had to adjust to a new way of learning. The Student Senate recently passed a resolution that would encourage university administration to provide students with the option of pass/no pass grading for their fall courses.

During the past spring semester, students were provided with the opportunity to choose pass/no pass grading as the semester was altered and classes were moved online due to the pandemic.

“Senate felt it was important to pass this resolution because, although we knew that this semester would be similar to the hybrid model of last semester when we were sent home, this semester has posed a variety of different obstacles,” said Allie DeFabritiis, public relations chair of Student Senate.

The resolution for this semester states that students have had to adjust to hybrid and online classes and that some students have a difficult time learning virtually. There has been a lot of stress put on students inside and outside the classroom — this stress, as the resolution states, has affected students’ ability to do their schoolwork.

“We felt it was necessary to advocate for flexibility and compassion for the student body in these times because our experience is not the experience,” DeFabritiis said. “Some students may have adjusted to this situation better than others — and that is something that as student advocates and members of the student body in general, that we need to take into account when analyzing situations like this.”

The resolution was sent to the Faculty Senate, Faculty Union, the Office of the Provost, Center for Student Academic Success and Office of the Registrar.

The resolution was discussed at a Faculty Senate meeting, but the Senate rejected it, with faculty senators saying the proposal came too late in the semester.

The faculty did mention that this semester has seen a long list of warning grades being issued to students. The change in teaching modalities was also changed and cited as a reason for rejection because faculty had time to prepare for the new ways of teaching online and in a hybrid format.

Some students like having the option to opt into pass/no pass grading because it allows them to pass a class they may have been struggling in without impacting their GPA.

“I like it because if I’m struggling in a class, or not doing so hot grade-wise, it won’t reflect on my GPA,” said junior Zach Cullins.

“I think it’s a good idea,” junior Kyle Rocha said.

Following the Faculty Senate’s rejection, the topic of pass/no pass grading is set to be discussed by university administration. A final decision will come from them regarding whether or not the grading system will be allowed this semester.