Fall fashion trends to try out


Gillian Lingard | Unsplash

Sweaters and boots are a staple of fall fashion.

Kayla Ivan, Arts and Culture Manager

Cozy times are ahead as we ease into the month of November. As the weather changes, it is time to break out the fashions of the fall/winter season to ensure that your fashion sense is up to date. Here are some of the trendiest pieces you can add to your collection in the chilly months to come.


Oversized coats

One of the most trendy additions you can include in your collection is a large jacket. Cozy, oversized coats are sure to make the perfect final note for your fall outfits. Shop at a department store like Macy’s or check out the selections at ASOS or Banana Republic.


Classic sweaters

Who doesn’t love a soft, knitted sweater as the weather gets crisper by the day? Although it has been warm outside as of late, it is definitely going to get colder as we near the holiday season. In order to prepare for chillier days, break out your favorite classic sweaters. If you want to add a few more to your line, Kohl’s and H&M have some cute, affordable options.


Chunky boots

One of the biggest fashion trends of fall 2020 is chunky boots. Whether that be an ankle-boot or leather combat-style shoes, these thick kicks are super popular at the moment. Dr. Martens and DSW are two great places to check out these tough, yet cute, shoes!


Earth tones

One color palette for clothing that always screams autumn are Earth tones. To stay up to date with the fall fashion trends, these earthy browns, oranges and greens are essential. Play around with different shades and combinations of these colors with your tops and bottoms by looking in your own closet or opting to go for a shopping spree. Have fun!