Senior Spotlight: Heidi Martin


Courtesy of RWU Athletics

Senior Captain Heidi Martin working on her technique in tennis practice.

Megan Julian, Sports Editor

She started playing tennis at a young age, discovering her interest in the sport when she began playing with her older sisters. Heidi Martin, now a senior on the women’s tennis team, has been a captain for the last two years.

“I loved being able to compete with the older kids,” Martin said of her past. “Now my whole family plays and we are able to play together.”

Martin said she has loved playing tennis since she was first introduced to the sport. As she got older, her matches became much more intense.

“I love being able to compete,” Martin said. “But also, being able to play for fun with friends and family.”

Martin decided to play tennis here at RWU because of how welcomed she felt by the team when she first met them.

“I was able to picture myself playing on the team in the future,” Martin said. “I loved the campus and all the opportunities the school offered outside of tennis.”

She said tennis has taught her a lot about her love for competition.

“Every match helps me become a better tennis player,” Martin said. “I have pushed myself every season to be the best tennis player and teammate I can be. Being able to compete has made me become more determined and motivates me every day.”

Tennis has benefitted her in many ways. The sport specifically helped her gain more knowledge about the importance of teamwork, leadership and determination.

The sport has also taught her about acceptance and how to learn from her own mistakes.

“It doesn’t matter if you lose one match because you can learn from the mistakes you made and improve. Everyone can always improve, and it motivates me to work harder at the next practice or in the next match,” Martin said. “I have applied this to everyday life. if one thing doesn’t go right, doesn’t mean I cannot learn from it or do better the next time.”

The most challenging part for Martin when playing tennis is trying to stay positive when she competes in singles matches.

“During doubles, it is easier to keep the energy up because my partner and I are always talking in between points. During singles, I don’t have anyone to talk to and it can be easy to get frustrated with yourself if you lose a few points in a row.”

To those who don’t play, tennis might seem like a very individual sport, but Martin said it is not.

“It is a very team-oriented sport,” Martin said. “My teammates are always cheering me on and I know I can always count on them. During a close match, my teammates are the ones that motivate me and push me through in the end to win the match.”

Martin believes it is extremely important to always be a team player. To her, tennis is more than just a sport.

“I have learned to be a leader and the importance of team-first mentality,” Martin said. “[It has also brought me] lifelong friendships that I am forever grateful for because each teammate and coach has pushed me to be the best tennis player/person I can be.”