Tips for getting through finals during a pandemic


Courtesy of Bill Selak

Students will be studying for finals in the coming weeks as the semester nears its end.

Amy Martin, Features Editor

Finals season is only a month away! Professors are piling on more work and expectations for students, but have we forgotten that COVID-19 is still around? While many classes are online, it does not make anything any easier. Usual preparations for finals might have to be altered, or even exaggerated, in order for students to successfully conquer their first semester back on campus during the pandemic.

However, students can get ahead on their projects and studying before crunch time hits. Here are some tips to try out:

  1. Get organized: Create a schedule of distributed practice for when to work on assignments and when to study throughout the month. Cramming everything until the last minute will create additional stress that can be avoided through careful planning. Also. keeping track of due dates and exam times through a calendar can benefit students and help them remember more easily, especially when the professor is not as present to remind them.
  2. Form study groups: Studying with peers can be immensely beneficial. While working as a group in the library is not advisable, Zoom is still an option. It will allow students to be more motivated when there are others there working on the same problems.
  3. Get a change of scenery: Students might feel trapped in their rooms now without an escape to the library or study rooms across campus, or even other students’ dorms. However, students can step away from their work every so often and walk around, whether inside or outside, to stimulate their minds again.
  4. Eat well and take a break: Eating healthy meals and snacks in between study sessions can make working much easier when students are not working on empty stomachs. It is also essential for students to take a break once in a while because working hours on end is draining, and there is such a thing as over-studying!
  5. Reach out for help when needed: While COVID-19 may make everything seem more isolating, it does not mean there are no resources for students to access. Students can still contact their professors, administrators or peers if they have any questions or worries. The Counseling Center is also open virtually Monday-Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. For appointments, students can call (401) 254-3124 and leave a voicemail with their first and last names, phone numbers, current cities/states and multiple times during the center’s hours of operation when they would be available to receive a return phone call to coordinate scheduling.