SNL’s Trump and Biden skits continue to dominate the stage

Emma Bartlett, Arts and Culture Editor

Saturday Night Live’s (SNL) 46th season has roasted, toasted and burned both 2020 presidential candidates in its latest five episodes. From the cold open to Weekend Update with Michael Che and Colin Jost, viewers across the nation are welcoming the much-needed comic relief that counters the stressful and exhausting nature of the actual election taking place right now.

The SNL cast has spent a lot of time perfecting the role of Donald Trump. He was first implemented into the show’s skits in the late 1980s, but it wasn’t until 2016 that Trump became a frequent character on the show. The current Trump is played by Alec Baldwin, who has mastered the President’s facial expressions, gestures and ways of speaking.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden, who is played by Jim Carrey, has taken a prominent role this season in the show’s cold open and Weekend Update. While Carrey continues to settle into his new character, his acting keeps audience members laughing. Laughter is especially needed with the continuous mayhem that ensues within and between the opposing parties.

Most Americans who watched the First Presidential Debate probably recall the disbelief that came with both candidates speaking over each other; the night was a train wreck and extremely unproductive. Individuals may also remember the town hall event that stood in place of the Second Presidential Debate because Trump refused to participate in the function virtually. While the country carries on in disarray, SNL continues to make people laugh by addressing the absurdity of the political climate by poking fun at both presidential candidates’ childish actions.

In the most recent episode leading up to the presidential election, SNL’s cold open for Halloween had Biden reciting a new version of Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Raven.” The poem’s premise spoke of Biden writing his acceptance speech when predictions suggested that Trump would still win. The skit poked fun at Trump and his supporters with lines like “for some Trump voters, this [Halloween] is the only day they’ll wear a mask.”

The late-night show has gotten extra creative by adding clever plots to its skits. When a fly landed on Vice President Mike Pence’s head during the Vice Presidential Debate, SNL turned the fly into Joe Biden who accidentally turned into the insect when he attempted to teleport to the Vice Presidential Debate from his home.

While most of the jokes are comical, some of the material comes off a bit risky. For instance, when the President was diagnosed with COVID-19, Che and Jost’s Weekend Update included jokes about the president’s positive case in some insensitive ways.

If you’re a fan of the political skits SNL puts on, it’s safe to say the show will have a great next four years of content no matter which candidate is chosen. If you haven’t already seen the newest political skits from this season, they are worth the watch.