Wrapping up Wicked Week


Emily Dvareckas

Wicked Week concluded with the Halloween Carnival that took place in the Field House on Oct. 31.

Emily Dvareckas, Photo Editor

As part of Roger Williams University’s Wicked Week, Campus Entertainment Network (CEN) put on a Virtual Haunted House event on Oct. 29. Participants were invited into the house of Sarah Winchester, located in San Jose, Calif. Winchester is famously known for her expansive Victorian mansion that was constantly under construction and fully designed by Winchester herself.

Her designs included stairs that led to nowhere, doors that opened into walls and other unexplainable designs. Theories on Winchester’s designs revolve around the idea that she was trying to confuse ghosts that inhabited the mansion who had been victims of the Winchester weapons.

Winchester married into the family who founded the Winchester Repeating Arms company. Event-goers got the opportunity to enter the mansion, something very few people get. At the tour’s conclusion, the participants were entered into a raffle with a chance to win one of the following prizes: 20 Hawk Dollars, two CEN shirt options and a CEN water bottle.

To wrap up Wicked Week, CEN put on a Halloween Carnival in the Field House on Oct. 31. Activities included inflatable ax throwing, mini golf, a mechanical pumpkin, balloon darts, piñatas and mini candy corn bowling. Participants had the opportunity to take home CEN Wicked Week swag in the form of stickers, cups, hand sanitizers and more. They could even take a pumpkin too if they wanted.

There was a candy table full of fall-favorite treats, like candy apples, popcorn and the option to fill a bag with Halloween candy. CEN Traditions Co-Chair, sophomore Sydney Holmes, was happy with Wicked Week’s success.

“We’ve had good attendance at every event this week,” Holmes said. “Today we passed 100 participants by 5 p.m.”

Rees Harold, senior CEN traditions co-chair, also had positive thoughts on the events.

“Wicked Week has been going amazing and today is going well. For the events, we’re finding ways to adapt to hybrid and safe social distancing and make sure all the COVID guidelines are being followed,” Harold said. “All of the backstage crew has made this possible by making sure the events allow participants to be safe.”