SCREAM-ing at the drive-in

With Halloween less than a week away, the time for screams is upon us. What better way to prepare than to watch the iconic “Scream” movie late into the night?

On Friday, Oct. 23, the Inter-Class Council (ICC) ran a drive-in showing of the horror movie. Cars were lined up in the parking lot behind North Campus Residence Hall, each one parking space away from the other in front of the screen. Snacks and drinks were provided for students driving up after check-in, as well as flyers with rules listed on the front.

Many events of RWU’s past are not able to be held right now because of the risks of close contact. However, with the resurrection of drive-in movies, memories can still be made. ICC made it so only four people were allowed per car, and masks were required to be worn at all times during the showing. Students were also not allowed to leave until after the movie ended when the staff would direct everyone out.

If students did not have a car or preferred not to be in one, there was also a section in the front for them to sit and watch the film. Speakers were placed near the screen for them to hear, and a radio station number was also provided for the students in cars to tune into.

The drive-in was a fun, socially distanced event to have in the harrowing time of COVID-19. It was also something new and different for students who may have never had the chance to attend a drive-in before. With the showing of “Scream,” students are definitely now more prepared for the horror of Halloween.