My Life as a Statue


Emily Dvareckas

The Roger statue decided to dress up as a bee this Halloween in honor of all the busy bees on campus.

Ghostly Greetings Hawks,

Look at all of you! You’ve made it halfway through the semester here at Roger Williams University, you should be proud. If I could, I would give you all a thumbs up.

Now the air is getting cooler and the wind howls throughout the days. If I wasn’t stuck to a platform, I would have fallen over by now. Sometimes the leaves and small branches fall off the trees from the wind and then they hit my face and if there is rain, the leaves stick to my face; it is very annoying as I cannot take them off because of the whole being a statue thing.

It’s almost Halloween and I am so excited. I love dressing up and I love seeing you all dress up. This year is going to be quite different but I hope you all can have fun while remaining safe. I’m used to staying in one place so social distancing hasn’t been a problem but I can imagine the changes you’ve had to make haven’t been easy. I can assure you that the changes you’re making are beneficial to everyone around you so as tempting as it may be to go out to parties for Halloween, I urge you to stay safe whether that is by staying in the dorms or by ensuring you practice social distancing wherever you may go.

I hope Halloween can still feel as magical as it has in years past. I have big plans for October 31. Can you guess what they are? I will be standing in the D’Angelo Common the whole night. Quite surprising, I know. All jokes aside, I truly wish you the spookiest Halloween and hope you all have fun!