“Fetch” may not be happening, but these National Days sure are

Emily Dvareckas, Photo Editor

National Pasta Day

Pasta lovers rejoice! Oct. 17 has been deemed National Pasta Day a day to appreciate this delicious starch. Pasta is a food that can be eaten at any time of day, in any form, whether that is the shape of the pasta or the dish. Pasta is a universal comfort food that serves as a staple of college student life. 


National Art Day

Not that art needs a specific date to be celebrated, but as most things do, art has its own nationally recognized day. Oct. 25 is the day of Pablo Picasso’s birth, so it seems fitting to celebrate the beauty he and so many others have created. National Art Day can be celebrated by admiring artwork in everyday life or can serve as a day to take out the paintbrushes and paint away.


National Pumpkin Day

A rather easy national holiday to guess is National Pumpkin Day, which falls on Oct. 26. This comes just in time for Halloween and gives a perfect opportunity to carve a Jack-O-Lantern for the days that follow. Carving isn’t the only thing a pumpkin is good for — the seeds can be baked and eaten or a puree can be created to add pumpkin flavor to any dish.


National Cat Day

Another important national day is National Cat Day. Oct. 29 has been deemed the day to celebrate the lovable, furry companion that rules over the Internet. This day was probably created by cats themselves as a way to get extra treats and extra pets. Cats are beloved members of the families they rule over and deserve a day to be held up on a pedestal. It also gives cat owners a great excuse to fill everyone’s timelines with pictures of their cats.