Club Spotlight: Add Nothing

Amy Martin, Features Editor

From engaging games to exciting field trips, the Add Nothing Club at RWU provides students substance-free ways to have fun on and off-campus. In meetings, the club usually plans trips for members and tries to go on at least a couple a month. Depending on the budget and the number of members, they can go out on small trips, like bowling or apple picking, or on larger trips, like go-karting or the aquarium.

The club is led by President Rebecca Holliday, Vice President Katie Shaw, Secretary Monaye Hinds and Treasurer Cody Bellucci. Meetings are held every Monday at 6 p.m. online on Zoom, where the first half is dedicated to updating members about trips, as well as helping plan future ones. The second half of the meeting is dedicated to playing games and hanging out. However, if a student is unable to attend, they can still join for trips.

“We hope our members are able to find a group of friends and a place they can go where they can just come and hang with people, and go on fun trips,” Shaw said. “It’s a fun place to make memories with good people.”

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, the club has gone all online for now. During the online meetings, there is little to discuss for trip updates and such. However, officers are keeping their members posted about any news regarding holding in-person meetings.

“Since our whole club is about getting off-campus and this semester all off-campus travel is not allowed, we are trying to find new things to do on campus while following guidelines,” Shaw said.

As of now, there are discussions of holding in-person meetings for the club. Instead of a trip, the club hopes it can host a fun activity outside for students.