Field hockey seniors teach freshmen the importance of cherishing moments

Megan Julian, Sports Editor

Freshmen and seniors on athletic teams this season have two totally different perspectives on what competing at the collegiate level looks like.

One thing these players had in common is they entered a season that was full of questions. But there was one thing for certain: they knew they had each other.

Even through COVID-19, freshman field hockey player Elizabeth Ng from Eads, Tennessee said she feels she is still making close relationships with her teammates through activities the team has done, such as bracelet making and doing a socially distant scavenger hunt around campus.

“My favorite part is the bonding activities. I always have so much fun and I’m getting the opportunity to get to know my teammates better,” Ng said.

Freshman player Jenna Bowerfind from Cumberland, Rhode Island was attracted to the team’s close knit environment. When she came to visit and saw the team, she thought there was no better fit than RWU.

She said acclimating to this new environment has been difficult when adapting to work load and perfecting her time management skills.

“Everyone on the team is very supportive and if I needed any advice on time management or how to adjust to college better, they would be there to help,” Bowerfind said.

The freshmen have just begun their journey here at RWU as student athletes. Meanwhile, seniors on the team such as Lea Peterson from Gloucester, Massachusetts and Erika Schlageter from Lakeville, Massachusetts are nearing the end, knowing this is their last season on the team.

“I have learned so much about myself here at Roger, including self-confidence, leadership capabilities and time management skills,” Schlageter said.

Schlageter’s favorite part about playing field hockey is becoming so close with her teammates and having their unconditional support. She said it helped her develop into the person she is today.

Peterson has learned so much during her time on the field hockey team.

“It has truly been a defining part of my time in college,” Peterson said. ”I have had the opportunity to be a part of a program that gets better every year with a group of girls that have a work hard, play hard mindset.”

As a student athlete, Peterson has learned the importance of physical and mental health. She has proven to herself that she can face any obstacle thrown her way because of the positive mindset she has obtained through athletics.

The seniors want to make sure the freshmen are enjoying every second of practice while they have it and are preparing for the season this spring.

“Although we don’t know if we are going to have a season in the spring, the seniors have taught us that we have to enjoy each practice we get together because we don’t know what the future will hold,” Bowerfind said.

Peterson wants the freshmen to appreciate every moment they have here at RWU.

“Cherish the good and bad. You only go to undergrad once and I have truly loved my experience at Roger Williams,” Peterson said. “Try new things, figure out what you do and don’t like, work hard and develop great friendships.”