Reality TV shows to check out right now


Photos courtesy of Hulu

Watching reality shows can be a fun way to spend free time and relax.

Kayla Ivan, Arts and Culture Manager

In a socially distanced time, it is important to find fun activities to do. If you are a fan of entertainment, reality TV shows can be both interesting and captivating to watch. Here are a few to check out right now.


“Big Brother: All-Stars”

Take a look inside the Big Brother house, featuring houseguests living in one place without any connection to the outside world. Watch as these players compete to win the $500,000 grand prize awarded to the last player living inside of the house. After 22 seasons of this intense social experiment, the series has brought in a house full of returning players for its second All-Stars season. Jump into the season now on CBS All Access since the season is in full swing. Through intricate moves from week to week and alliances forming and crumbling, who will strategically make their way to the end of the game?


“The Amazing Race”

If you are a fan of travel and competition, this CBS show is one to watch. A new season will be coming this fall as a new set of pairs embark on the journey of a lifetime to win the $1 million grand prize after beating the other pairs in the competition. Each season follows 11 paired individuals in their travels around the world as they work together to eliminate their competition.


“The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette”

If you are a fan of love and romance, these popular series are both entertaining and captivating. The bachelor or bachelorette is the featured single of the respective season who must meet and eliminate prospective love interests from a pool of individuals vying for their love in the end. The nature of the show elicits drama and shocking decisions. The new season of “The Bachelorette” is set to premiere on Oct. 13. Don’t miss out on the hit show that brings people looking for love together!


“Love It or List It

HGTV is a great channel to check out for reality shows. Watch as co-hosts Hilary Farr and David Visentin work with clients who want to improve their homes while also searching the market for a new place. This show is fun to watch whether you like seeing interior designers at work or realtors scanning through listings in order to find clients the perfect place to call home. The competitive nature of the show between the co-hosts makes it a must-watch.