Try these Bristol coffee shops for your next caffeine fix


Emma Bartlett

Try the different coffees at nearby Beehive Cafe in Bristol.

Emma Bartlett, Arts and Culture Editor

As classes pick up and homework intensifies, late night studying and early morning classes will cause college kids to seek an all too familiar refuge – coffee. While the campus Starbucks is a great place to pick up a cup of joe to go, there are a few local shops in Bristol that will have you hooked on all their hot, iced and frozen coffee options.


If you’re looking for classic coffee favorites and new, unique signature drinks, check out Angelina’s at 301 Hope St. in Bristol. From their ‘Hip Drinks’ list, customers can choose the dalgona coffee, mushroom coffee, butter coffee and the golden milk latte. Currently, the coffee shop is doing take out only and has several two-person tables set up outside on the sidewalk for visitors.

Beehive Café

This local staple for RWU students has a tasteful selection of coffee that will keep you energized throughout the day. With their lattes, cappuccinos and regular coffee options, it is hard not to find something that everyone in your party will enjoy. Beehive Café is also offering indoor and outdoor seating, so if you want to spend the day in downtown Bristol, this is a relaxing venue to start at. The café also makes it easy for customers who wish to order online and pick up to go. Beehive Café is located at 10 Franklin St. in Bristol.

Empire Tea and Coffee

Spend your morning by the waterfront sipping on coffee from Empire Tea and Coffee. Some of the store’s favorites include the crème de menthe iced latte, cold brew with espresso and a dirty iced chai latte. There is currently no dine-in option for the store, but Independence Park is a quick three-minute walk away and has benches and great water views. Empire Tea and Coffee can be found at 251 Thames St. in Bristol.


If you’re the kind of person who enjoys a doughnut or bagel with your coffee, plan on visiting Sip-N-Dip at 775 Hope St. in Bristol. This small shop has a large variety of hot, iced and frozen coffee blends as well as delicious food options. Some of the frozen coffee options include mocha, chocolate peanut butter and java chip. You’re also able to purchase coffee by the pound if you’re looking to make Sip-N-Dip’s blends at home.