Back-to-school fashions to try out for “Zoom University”


Emily Dvareckas

Fashion inspiration from a Zoom classroom setting.

Kayla Ivan, Arts and Culture Manager

As the semester gets into full swing, one important aspect of taking courses in a mixed setting is the clothes you wear. Back-to-school shopping is definitely different this semester, but the style you bring to your term can be fresh and fun to discover. Here are some fashion inspirations to try out.



A trendy style of clothing to wear right now is sets (i.e. a top and pants set). Some great places to purchase these sets include Old Navy and J.C. Penney since they always have a variety of color combinations for tops and bottoms. If that’s not your style, you can also opt for a comfy sweat set or go all out with a funky pattern.


Thrift clothes

Thrifting is one of the best ways to maximize your money while spending on clothes. It can be a lot of fun sifting through clothes to find the gems you’ll soon be taking home. Savers in Fall River, Massachusetts, is just one of the many thrift stores you can visit to select styles you may not find otherwise.



This pattern is certainly a throwback but it is back in style right now. Tie-dye clothes, whether pre-made or DIY’d, are super cute and cool to try wearing. Pair a tie-dye shirt with a set of jeans and you’re ready for your next class.


RWU spirit wear

Whether your classes are online or in-person, it is always a great idea to support your school with RWU spirit wear! Using university colors in your daily dress and supporting the place you call home is never out of style.


Zoom University merch

If you are in Zoom classes this semester, a staple fashion piece would definitely include Zoom University merchandise. Amazon and several other websites are selling Zoom-themed hoodies, T-shirts and more. Get into the spirit with these comfy pieces!