Ways to incorporate creativity into your daily life

Kayla Ivan, Arts and Culture Manager

Although you may not see it, creativity is behind almost everything in this world and we are all capable of incorporating it into our daily lives. In the current climate, works of art in any sense can be both helpful and necessary to remain positive in an increasingly negative world. Here are a few ways to incorporate creativity into your day today and every day.

Decorate your dorm or space

As the semester begins, you may find yourself in the creative mindset when it comes to decorating your new dorm or place. Incorporating pops of color and accented decor can make for a fun and refreshing atmosphere for you as the new term begins. Try it out!


Discover new music or play an instrument

Sometimes we forget that music is one of the most popular art forms in our culture. We all listen to it, yet there are some hidden gems waiting to be discovered beneath the Top 40 charts. Why not listen to a new genre of music or artist you have never heard before? Another fun way to include creativity in your day is to learn an instrument. If you’re already a musician, pick out a new one. You never know, maybe you’ll create a new tune!


Take more photographs

One of the simplest but most memorable ways to be creative every day is to take pictures of the world around you. Life in pictures allows for visual memories to be locked in, especially when you get them printed. Remembering special or ordinary days can be enhanced by taking creative pictures that will spark your memory, so you will never forget these moments in time.


Be craftier with inspiration from Pinterest

Ignite your imagination by scrolling through Pinterest for inspiration on a variety of subjects — especially that of crafty projects or ideas to be more creative. By pinning a new hobby or craft to learn one day, you can find great motivation for easy ways to be more artistic.



It might not be for everyone, but creative writing is a lovely way to uncover new stories and reimagine themes from another person’s perspective. It’s said that only you can write your story in the way that you will write it and that goes for other writing forms, such as poetry or songwriting. Writing is a proven way to release your thoughts and find peace in many situations. In a time like the present, perhaps writing is the best form of creative expression for you.