Mask trends that will keep you looking sharp

Emma Bartlett, Arts and Culture Editor

It’s fun to express ourselves with the clothing we wear, so why not do the same with our masks? Finding one that fits your personality or purchasing one that makes people turn for another glance could be a great way to have fun during the pandemic. While you may already be rocking a stunning outfit, you can always take your fashion to the next level by coordinating your outfit with a stylish face piece. To get you started, we’ve listed four current trends and places to purchase from.



Fall is just around the corner, so why not purchase a few plaid masks to go with the season? Plaid is a huge favorite during autumn and buying checkered masks will not only show off your fall spirit but also keep you trendy. If you’re going apple picking, doing a corn maze or carving pumpkins with friends, pick a pattern with colors you love. Try finding masks that match the plaid you have or, better yet, have an online shopping spree and buy new masks and new tops to match! Amazon, Zazzle and Etsy have great plaid options.


Denim has always been a trend in fashion from denim jean jackets to classic jeans. It’s also a comfortable material to wear which is all the more reason why it would be suitable for a mask. If you’re looking for a casual yet dressed up look, denim masks are the way to go. Go for a hue of colors to compliment all your outfits. Check out Joann’s and Etsy for cute and affordable denim masks.

Solid Colors

Having a variety of solid color masks makes it easy to coordinate your masks to your outfits. If you’re the kind of person who matches every part of your attire, solid color masks are 100% for you. You may want to start experimenting with colors that compliment your skin tone or draw more attention to your eye color. This extra hint of color is sure to make your outfit pop! Try out Athleta, Face Masks MNM and Gillya Studio for appealing wears.

Animal Prints

Cheetah prints have been in and out of the trending fashion world. Right now, it’s an ‘in’ style that you should consider investing in. All animal prints from zebra to giraffe add a fun, playful element to our mask-wearing days. If you’re looking for a patterned mask with warm colors, try out animal prints. The masks also give off an adventurous, safari vibe that can work well if you have a vibrant and fearless personality. Look for animal prints made by HeyJanuary, Banana Republic or PacSun.