Dior Jordans send sneaker world into frenzy

Back in late 2019, the sneaker world was set on fire when photos of the new Air Jordan 1 X Christian Dior shoe surfaced as a part of the upcoming Jordan X Dior collaboration called Air Dior. The shoe was first seen at Dior’s Pre-Fall 2020 show on Dec. 3 and when a photo appeared of famous rapper Travis Scott with the shoe, the sneaker community went crazy. People couldn’t wait for its release and its accompanying collection — even though it was priced at over $2,200 for the high top version.

Before coronavirus hit, the release of the Dior X Jordan collection was set for April 2020. Delays on the collection’s release occurred and that only seemed to increase the hype. People became more and more impatient, wondering when the collection would officially release. Then on June 25, the raffle for both the high top and low top shoes went live with winners being announced on July 1. 8,000 pairs of sneakers were available to the public and 5,000 pairs for Dior’s top clients. Only 13,000 pairs exist.

Once the raffle ended and winners were selected, it was announced that there were over five million entries for the shoe raffle which gave each participant a .16% chance of winning. Furthermore, had every entry won a pair, the two brands would have made around 10 billion dollars collectively. That being said, the number of entries would have gone down considerably had there been enough stock for every entry. This does, however, beg the question of how much could’ve been made if they made the shoe a general release rather than a limited edition. In fact, had they made one million pairs, that alone would have brought in two billion dollars.

The most insane part of this is how much the shoes are selling for after the release. As of today (less than a month after their release), the cheapest price for a new pair of high top Jordan 1’s is a size 10 for just under $11,000. The smallest and largest sizes reach up to $20,000. While the average resale price is around $12,500, let’s look at what else you could do with that money.

Keeping it within sneakers, for the average price of one of these shoes you could buy almost the entire OFF-White X Nike “The Ten” collection, which are the original ten shoes the two companies made. You could also buy every single pair of Yeezy 350s and still have money left over. Getting away from shoes, $12,500 could pay many people’s rent for the year, get you a pretty nice car or take you on a very nice vacation. For RWU students, it could pay off almost an entire year’s room and board costs. Even crazier, $12,500 could get you a trip to the movies five times a week for almost seven years. The bottom line is, one pair of these shoes could change someone’s life completely.