Film Production Collaborative and Photo Club prepare for a new kind of normal

Emily Dvareckas, Photo Editor

As the semester progresses, students may start to feel antsy since the usual on and off-campus activities have been modified or discouraged. The Involvement Fair looked a little different this year but remained a vital part of finding extracurricular activities.

RWU has numerous clubs and organizations that span many interests and make it easier for students to find their specific niche. Clubs that once met together, either in classrooms, studios or outside, have begun transitioning to meetings on Zoom.

For the Film Production Collaborative, a usual semester consists of producing a film. The restrictions and social distancing requirements have caused the club to shift its focus away from the filming aspect of the semester and focus on scriptwriting, events and activities that will help keep up club engagement.

We are also searching for the best ways for our club to have long discussions about different types of movies both during our meetings and outside of our meetings,” said Film Production Collaborative President Joe Brown. “One event we are looking to put a lot of focus on is movie nights, whether over Zoom or in person.”

Another club that will see some changes is Photo Club. They plan to have a seamless shift from in-person meetings to meetings over Zoom that will keep the same structure. Club members will be able to submit their weekly photos which will be added to a slideshow.

The meetings will consist of cycling through the member’s photos with discussion. The club remains excited for the semester and plans to be more active on social media by adding guessing games and continuing to post their weekly winners. The executive board members will all be graduating at the end of the academic year and hope that the next two semesters will give the younger members the ability to embrace the club and be ready to take the reins.

“With virtual meetings, we hope this will create a nice break for our club members from other online classes and a haven [for them] to take a few moments to focus on what they enjoy,” said Photo Club Treasurer Katie Weir.

Photo Club has begun incorporating social distancing into their club structure. In past semesters, field trips allowed for many photo-taking opportunities. Although this semester will look different, they hope to still go to photo op locations. One possible location is Colt State Park, where club members can safely meet while distanced and each member can find their own space.