Things to do instead of partying during a pandemic

Amy Martin, Herald Reporter

We’re all tired of hearing it, but we are living in unprecedented times. Especially with the tight restrictions that are becoming our new normal, college is certainly not what any of us expected it to be. It’s unfortunate that our college experiences have been altered, but at least we’re having experiences, right?

While we can’t do nearly as much as we could before, it doesn’t mean our experiences have to be boring. I don’t mean we can still go out and party. (Please don’t do that. None of us want to be sent home and have even less to do). However, there are a few acceptable ideas that involve more than just re-watching “Friends.”

There are several things we can still do on campus. For instance, you can check out what Campus Entertainment Network (CEN) is planning on its Instagram or Hawk Link. As part of its 1, 2, 3 Weekend, CEN held a few virtual events, including the Magic Night IN event on Sept. 4, Virtual Paint Night on Sept. 5 and the Fall Concert featuring Cassadee Pope on Sept. 6. If you don’t feel like attending an event, you can do your own thing with a few of your close friends or roommates, like having your own paint night!

Another thing you could do on campus is to join some clubs you haven’t tried out before. You could join one of the larger organizations, such as the Multicultural Student Union (MSU), or try out one of the clubs on campus, such as Fishing Club.

If you want to get outside, you could walk along the shell path and catch some beautiful views of the waterfront. For off-campus locations, there’s always Colt State Park that’s not too far from RWU. If you want to spice your walk up a little bit, there are a few apps you can download, such as Pokémon GO, Geocaching and Randonautica. As always with these types of apps, make sure you are aware of your surroundings and stay off private property.

Last but not least, you could stop by a drive-in theater. The closest venue to campus is the Rustic Tri View Drive-In in North Smithfield, Rhode Island. This can be a fun experience for movie lovers who want to see classic movies like “Jaws” on a big screen. Make sure you have a portable radio handy to avoid having your car battery die.

Hopefully, you’ve found some ideas to try in your free time! Stay healthy and safe as you try to make your college experience an enjoyable one, and please avoid attending parties during this pandemic.