Are students ready to return to campus?

Emily Dvareckas, Photo Editor

As the number of COVID-19 cases rises across the country and move-in dates are quickly approaching, uncertainty has filled the minds of students getting ready to come back to campus. For some students, it seems as though their health is not being considered as a priority. Others can’t wait to return to campus and get back to a sense of normalcy. Here are some thoughts from students as they get ready to return this fall.

“Considering that I’ve been on the front lines since the very beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, I imagined that my educational institution would refrain from unnecessary exposure. However, the safety and concerns of the student body are being neglected. Calculating the uncertainty of this pandemic, I believe, should have delivered RWU to an absolute decision: no in-person classes. Even if Rhode Island is doing better than the rest of the country, there is still a very big threat and the likelihood of contracting this disease if we begin regular lectures. I honestly feel unsafe returning to school and also feel that they have failed to consider all facets of returning Roger to normal.”

-Rachel Vargas | Senior, criminal justice major

“I believe it is unsafe to come back to RWU for classes. Especially for students who live on campus, I have the option to go back home every day since I am a commuter, but for students who are living on campus, it will be difficult to not contract COVID-19. No matter how much we prepare, I still don’t believe that coming back to campus is the safest decision. We also have to consider that students are coming back from different states and different countries where there may be many cases of COVID-19. Some countries don’t even report the actual number of cases. Even though it is exciting to think about going back to a little bit of normalcy, it is still unsafe for everyone to be back together on campus again.”

-Veronica De La Cruz | Junior, public health major

“I think it’s great that we are going back to campus. I hope the plan RWU has for us will work so we can continue to do classes in person. Personally, I enjoy going to my classes in person and walking on our campus. It’s definitely a better experience.”

-Marianella Galan Jimenez | Sophomore, criminal justice major


“As a student that comes from abroad, I still believe it is still unsafe to come back to campus. The reason for that is because the pandemic is still far from being controlled. I heard that a few weeks ago an individual on campus got sick. If people are getting sick even though there are few amounts of people that still remain on campus, it is going to be even worse with all the RWU population. I believe that school should still work with the online program at least one more semester. I already want to come back to campus but I am 100% sure that [if] the campus reopens again, we will be sent back home again.”

-Roberto T. | Sophomore, construction management major