Preparing to go back to RWU

Rachel Dvareckas, Managing Editor

  1. Get fun masks. Try to make the most of wearing masks on campus by making or buying masks with fun prints. Use your mask as a way to express yourself by getting one that shows your interests.
  2.  Stock up on cleaning supplies. Protect yourself and your roommates by keeping your living spaces clean. Regularly cleaning your room will help keep you safe.
  3. Look into getting blue light blocking glasses. With some classes going online, you will probably be spending more time on your computer. Amazon and other retailers sell glasses that block out the harmful blue light emitted from screens. These can protect your eyes and decrease your chances of getting headaches from looking at your screen for too long.
  4. Get in touch with your roommates early. Preparing to go back to school may be stressful, so it could be helpful to start figuring out your packing list sooner rather than later.
  5. Find something that helps you destress. School will be looking different when we go back and this may also be stressful. Find something that takes your mind off things and bring it with you.