Protesting in a pandemic

The death of George Floyd ignited the Black Lives Matter movement more than ever before. Even with the threat of COVID-19, people came together to protest the injustices people of color face in America.

Protests have been happening all around the country for the past few months, with the news outlets showing photos and videos of protestors in masks filling the streets.

RWU junior Emerson Greenberg attended a New Haven, Connecticut protest in late May. The protest was a larger gathering than Greenberg expected, with a few hundred people in attendance.

“It was absolutely amazing. There were a bunch of people along the route with food and water for anyone who needed it,” Greenberg said. “Everyone was super nice and it was calm but with an air of regency to fix the situation.”

One of the main concerns for many people regarding the protests was the health and safety of the protestors. Being in such a large gathering during a global pandemic may seem daunting, but Greenberg said he felt safe.

“People were trying to stay separated and everyone wore masks unless it was a speaker with a microphone,” Greenberg said.

Greenberg is thankful for the experience, which he described as amazing and eye-opening. The protest consisted of a three-mile walk through the city and a stop at the town hall where they listened to different speakers.

“That was the most influential part. Not all the speakers were Black, but they were all people who had experienced various forms of racism,” Greenberg said. “I was really glad I got the experience.”