Meet the freshmen: Aidan Maguire

Kristen Dansereau, Sports Manager

Aidan Maguire, freshman on the cross-country and track and field teams from Brookline, New Hampshire, came to RWU for three main reasons.

He wanted to study within the engineering program. He also wanted a close community and the chance to do something he enjoys: running.

Maguire said he is happy with his choice. He joined the cross-country team to get to know people on campus. His teammates have become his desired social group, especially the other freshmen.

“I’ve adapted to school fairly quickly,” Maguire said. “The upperclassmen on the team have made the adjustment easier as they helped us meet up early and get to know others early on.”

Sports teams have recently begun to practice. Freshmen are beginning to experience the season, or rather the modified season due to COVID-19. Maguire and the other freshmen athletes will be able to integrate themselves more with their teammates during practices and build relationships.

“It’s a lot different compared to what high school sports were like,” Maguire said. “Wearing the masks while working out, being so restricted with distancing and having no competitions makes the season an odd one for sure.”

Athletes had to stay in shape on their own time during the summer by getting creative with what was available to them. Maguire stayed active by doing home workouts, with a focus on running, agility and other track workouts.

He also worked as a lifeguard and participated in a lake house committee to stay busy throughout the summer.

Aidan Maguire is a freshman member of RWU’s track and cross country teams.