Retroactive Republicans: Trump supporters advocate for repealing the 19th Amendment

Kate Mitchell- News Editor

With only 19 days remaining until the 2016 Presidential Election, individuals all over the nation have showed a growing interest in the Republican and Democratic campaigns within the last few weeks.

Perhaps one of the most notorious of the recent events surrounding the election is Republican nominee, Donald Trump’s, supporters desire to repeal the 19th Amendment, which would restrict women’s rights to vote. Trump’s supporters have been expressing this view through Twitter, using the hashtag #repealthe19th to bring attention to their notion.

This trend began to show signs of life last month in September when a revised electoral college revealed that Trump would beat Clinton at the polls 350 to 188 if the 19th Amendment had never been ratified nearly one-hundred years ago in 1920. Once this statistic came to light and garnished public attention, positive responses to the notion began to appear on Twitter, revealing a significant number of female and male individuals who would actually support the idea of restricting voting rights on the basis of sex.

The Republican supporters’ idea became viral when the Los Angeles Times released an article that brought nationwide recognition to the issue, with the majority of responses following the sexist proposal illustrating revulsion.

At the beginning of this week, NBC and WSJ statistics showed that Democratic nominee Clinton held an 11-point lead over Trump, 48 percent to 37 percent. In this year’s four-way running, Libertarian Gary Johnson was also at seven percent and the Green Party’s Jill Stein nominee was at two percent. It is without a doubt that Clinton’s significant lead could be attributed to reactions from this Twitter streak, as well as from the 2005 video released earlier this month showing Trump making vulgar comments about women.

Clinton’s 11-point lead puts the candidate running into perspective when taking into account the statistics concerning the previous Presidential Elections. In 2008, President Barack Obama beat John McCain by a seven-point lead, while in 2012 Obama defeated Mitt Romney with just a four-point advantage.

As of Tuesday, October 18, Clinton held a 20-point lead among female voters (55 to 35%), while Trump held the advantage among male voters by three points (48 to 45%). Clinton had the favor of African-American citizens (86 to 9%) as wells as other voters who do not identify as Caucasian (76 to 16%), while Trump held the favor of independents (41 to 36%) and white voters (51 to 40%). However, there is a difference amongst the white voters of the country, as those without college degrees preferred to support Trump (56 to 36%), while those who have gained degrees of higher learning broke evenly between Trump and Clinton (45 to 45%).

The third presidential debate between Trump and Clinton took place last night, October 19, at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas. The day of the elections quickly approaches, as the voting booths will take open on November 8th all over the country.