Cheering, and dancing, and wrestlers, oh my!

By Jen Campisi, Features Manager – November 3

From rowdy crowds to high-flying trampoline acts, to hip-hop dancing and so much more, Midnight Madness 2016 was a huge success. Not only was this spectacular annual event a part of Homecoming & Family Weekend, but it was also a huge celebration for the winter sports teams and all students alike.

Happily-painted faces and waves of gold and blue streamed through the Field House on Friday, October 21 to gather for the “HawX Games” and support RWU. The Campus Entertainment Network, assisted by the Inter-Class Council, put on a great show, tossing out gear to lucky patrons who were willing to dive for the possibility of a shirt or hat.

There was an abundance of entertainment surrounding the homecoming festivities that evening, such as performances by our talented Hawkettes Dance Team and the Dance Club that “worked” the floor with their upbeat hip-hop mashup.

Freshman Emily Gravino, a member of RWU’s Dance Club—the largest club on campus—donned black and gold for her first collegiate performance on the court that night.

“I haven’t danced in front of that size group in a while,” Gravino commented. “Being surrounded by my friends and all of the good energy made it such an exciting experience!”

The candidates for homecoming royalty introduced themselves to their peers and showed off their Hawk pride throughout the night.

Neon lights illuminated the bleachers, in which various students commented about the amazing atmosphere, especially created by the wrestling team as they chanted and sang to hype up the crowd.

By the end of the night, nail-biting and gravity-defying stunts were exhibited by the Sky Riders, Guinness World Record trampoline athletes. Somersaulting through hula hoops and reaching new heights in our humble athletic arena, these skilled acrobats left everyone on the edge of their seats as the pair came close to missing the tiny trampoline platform several times.

Roger Williams always goes above and beyond to make a traditional pep rally something new and exciting for everyone–and this one certainly did not disappoint.