Two comedians, one belt

By Kiersten Resch, Features Editor – November 3

Students and families lined up outside the Campus Recreation Center Field House on Saturday, October 22 in anticipation of seeing Georgea Brooks and Alice Wetterlund perform. The white folding chairs lined up in front of the stage were filled in a matter of minutes once the doors opened for excited families.

The first act of the night, Georgea Brooks, gave the audience a big Canadian welcome as she talked about college, babysitting, and making money. She got the audience warmed up and excited for the main act with enthusiasm and audience participation. Brooks asked some members of the audience what their majors were at RWU.

The main act, Alice Wetterlund, came out on stage with a warm welcome from the audience. Before she started her act, Wetterlund told the audience she found a belt in one of the bathrooms in the Recreation Center at RWU. She held up the belt and asked if it belonged to anyone, put it on the edge of the stage for someone to take if it was theirs, and began her act. No more than ten minutes into her act, however, she paused and announced “I’m very distracted by this belt.”

The big laughs she got from the audience during her belt distraction set up the audience for the rest of her material. She, too, asked audience members what their majors were by jumping off stage, and once she learned of our mascot at RWU, Wetterlund made a screeching hawk noise and jumped back onto the stage.

The night ended with Wetterlund showing the audience the first joke she ever told. Two students from the audience, a RWU freshman Nick and a high school freshman Molly, were invited on stage to sing the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song. When Nick and Molly finished the song with much laughter and confusion, Nick immediately asked “what was the joke?”

Wetterlund laughed even harder than the audience during her last joke and swore she would never tell the joke again. With a nod to a great audience, Alice Wetterlund exited the stage to complete a hilarious night of comedy.